What are the advantages of PioneerTech Solar Products?


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PioneerTech is registered trade mark and patent protected . 

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What are the BIGGEST advantages of having this PioneerTech product

compare to * many other similar cheaper ones available in the market?

(* means inferior in quality, components, lower life span because of
 that available at fraction of the cost)
tickAll the fact finding and comparison of our products against *other
 inferior products are fully tried and tested many many times. If need
 confirmation go ahead & test it out.In one simple word *many other
 cheaper products available in the market NO match to our far superior
 quality PioneerTech products.
tickThe Generator System is fully covered with stainless steel and lighter
 in weight.The cover is powder coated (enamel) with high temperature
 so anti-rust and anti-corrosion, anti-weathering, waterproof and glossy.
tickFor mobility it has wheel under to push or pull it with handle.
tickIn case of emergency, inbuilt circuit breaker helps to avoid accidents
 like electrocution.
tickGrounding or earthing is inbuilt to protect us from lightning however
 for safety hook a 7 signal wire(329 or 629) to the pipe under the ground
 at least 1m down.
tickTo minimize the heat produced in side the generator to avoid oxidizing
 the battery,all the components inside the solar generator like the soldering
 points, connection points are done with silver alloy. Most of the internal
 components are in the form of memory chips so less or no messy wires






tickEasy to fix the battery and inverter compartment if need replacement.

150w-inverter 500w-inverter-1 battery1

tickSuitable for village use, city lifestyle, mobile vendor, fisherman,
 fishing boat,outdoor party, flood affected area, and even for vehicle
 on the road etc…
tickTake up small space.
tickThe wire is 100% made of silverl alloy ( heat resistant,anti-rust,
 electron best conductor) for maximum solar charged at quicker rate.
 That’s why the wire is very heavy. Not only that, by not having the usual
 copper or aluminium wire it will not get heated up during the charging
 process to catch fire or burst itself called  overheating. As a result once
 fully charged you need not to switch off. Because it auto cut off once
 reach the maximum of 100% storage capacity.
tickThis product (the panel elements-maximum concentrated 1.5mm poly or
 mono crystalline from Siemen (US & Germany made) almost 90% purity, 
 battery, microprocessor. cable,PCB etc..) assembled,researched , 
 developed and manufactured in 3 different countries -Germany, Japan 
 and Taiwan (all 3 countries with abundance knowledge of electrical, 
 electronic, new innovation and many popular brands are under them 
 currently around the world). 
Nasa all All logo
tickUnlike the car acid battery we use sealed metal hydride battery,
 Litium-ion or Satallite battery.These batteries life span is longer
 about 8yrs to 10 yrs maximum.
20life span
tickBesides using solar to charge the generator, you can use AC current
of 12V also possible. All the models are designed for both AC & DC.  
Only the 20W to 40W is DC usuage,The battery no needs to refill with
water. The error signal light will pop up indicating the sign of time to
change the battery.Min battery life is 12AH.
Steel glass glass
tickThe panel only needs to clean if too dirty or covered with dust which
 is very rare.Ability to withstand minus 40 degree celsius to plus
 40 degree celsious. The panel covered with 1.5mm thickness of steel
 glass(strong, lasting, anti-weathering) The excellent and the best 
 panel is the one with closely packed poly or mono crystalline with 
 maximum purity for fast and maximum capture of sunlight in one single
 area (MPPT)max power point tracking technology. Usually this type of 
 panel cannot see through and black or blue in colour. Our pioneer
 product match this quality.The inferior ones can be see through and 
 in many colours. Another impossible R&D is taking shape in the form
 of  first in the world to make slim,foldable,light weight and thin
 solar panel on dual side. 
tickDIY- very easy to connect, fix,transport and use it. Even the lamp
 post for public lighting. Bigger then 1KW then specialist need to
 fix it for you like the,Architect,electrical board, civil department,
 land testing board, Fire department, safety approval cert etc.. This
 is usually a big project which needs big and safer place to install
 the panel.Once your storage is in excess then you can go for ONGATE
 or ONGRID ( the excess power sell to the government). If Power station
 need ours to supply the electricity then feasibility study, on total
 power consumption needed, safe land size,expected population growth
 etc for the next 30 years should be taken into consideration.
tickLife span minimum 25 to 35 years except the battery.
tickTime to time PioneerTech  keep on upgrading,adding,modifying our product
 features and introducing new technology & new solar home usage appliances.
 Due to this fact we always remain one up against the others.
tickFor solar important theory is, under bright, hot, direct sunlight the
 generator can only able to charge maximum of 17.4%  – a NASA standard
 set for the satellite. Our products equally matches the solar bench mark 
 of 17.4%. But the other inferior ones available in the market maximum
 of 4% to 5% only. This is one of the best features in our product.
certified217 5
tickMost of the *other inferior ones, the panel + storage battery +
generator are usually larger in size to produce little current. But our
PioneerTech product small in size(panel + battery + generator) and still can
able to charge even from the stand alone reflected sunlight or just the
sunlight brightness or low weather condition.
tickAnother important features in our products is, power cut
of automatically itself through the circuit breaker inside the generator
when detect overdrawn current,and or power usage near completion. If that
happen a red light will come on.Once this happen all we have to do is remove
all the devices connected to the solar generator, wait for at least 10
minutes then switch on the solar generator to charge it as normal. 
Then start using again.
tickPioneerTech is the first in the world to design, programme and
encrypt the solar technology with 128bit microprocessor.
21 Information-Technology first
tickThe LED bulb covered with acrylic (strong, shatter resistant,waterproof,
 ultra violet proof, anti-weathering) It also has 20 plus elements
 soldered to the circuit within circuit inside the bulb however the
 inferior ones use sticker not circuit to connect.This inturn reduce the
 life span of the led bulb – one by one the elements dropoff due to heat.
 Once again PioneerTech uphold our superiority here as well through our R&D.
 If used non-stop works min 3000 to max of 10 000 hours .
 Reflector in built.
What are the usual complaints about our product?
All are customers' fault, not equipment fault. 
Details below.
tickInverter need to change because it burst or leaked. Cause: –
 customer over drawn the power. For example 50W means maximum
 55Watt to 60 Watt only withdrawn.But if withdrawn like 70W 
 or more then burst.  So advice do not over-draw more than 
 the specified amount of power stated.
tickUse 3rd party equipment to tap the current from the Solar
 Generator battery after it fully charged. So battery  
 explodes or cannot be used somehow.
tickNot keeping the Solar Generator away from the children,
 wet location or poor surrounding area.
tickTo protect this brand from being copied in China, this
 design made in such a way that if dismantled it cannot
 be used after fix back or reassembled.
tickNever cut and extend the given wire at all the time.
 This is a special wire.If need more buy it separately
 since it is a  silver-alloy wire.
tickPanel cracked or shattered due to improper handling or
 dropped, pressure of heavy items from the top.
tickCustomer(s) ignorance or negligent or improper handling of
the above will void the warranty  immediately.




The Real Quality Solar Product