Air & Sea Transport
air1free delivery iconsea
 A complete full payment MUST be made in advance before we process the
        overseas order and its delivery.                 
air1Either customer engage your own freight forwarders to transport the goods or we
will look for one to suit your service like the Sea Freight Forwarders of AIR dhl_logo_gf02

.Since we are the manufacturer NOT the transporter, the best choice is the customer or the consignee

find out all the cost involved from the freight forwarders operating in their own country. 

Here is some guidance from the Singapore transporter.

seaCustomer needs to provide full depth details of the container arrival to the
freight forwarders.
docLack of correct documents provided will cause delay and may incur
some surcharge depends on the customs office of the goods’ final destination.
aaFreight charges, Customs clearance, Handling fees, Sea Insurance charges,
and Inland transport Charges, Inland insurance charges, Customs duty, import permits etc…
might be included or exempted and the amount varies from one country to another.
So please check it out from the relevant departments in your own country.
bbDuration of transportation needs to check with the freight forwarders.
sThe consignee must bear all the above charges.
jj All legal administrative charges, Bank and or solicitor fees if any MUST be
     borne by the customers.
bye byeOnce the goods leave our port and or from our custody, our total responsibility is
     over. We advise customer to get the tracking ID number from your transporter so
     that you can monitor and locate your goods using GPS
docThe original bil(BOL) or AirWay Bill either pass to you or to the
  engaged Freight Forwarders. Then onwards the consignee must lias with the freight
  forwarders till receiving the goods.