Anti Rape Device for Ladies

Device 1

A powerful Anti Rape Device for Ladies in the form of

mobile phone look-a-like. 

Guaranteed 100% Total Protection For Ladies against rape. 

firstpdf-download-brochure1-logobrochure1_logoAnti Rape Device The Most Pwerful

When in emergency all you have to do is just the press the MINUS  button and point

towards the would–be-rapist. Within few seconds he will be fainted on the floor.

So simple and effective.

Caveat Emptor

Since so much powerfull some countries you may need permission to buy and or

keep this device.Do not to test on animals. Keep away from children and weak-hearted

or sick people. We are NOT responsible if this device is misused. 


Dummy Mobile Phone look a like without the mobile functions.

Code G4228 

Device 2

For Ladies -mini and portable

Code Q2288


pdf-download-brochure1-logobrochure1_logoSolar Anti Rape Device

code R2309 [ TL-228-A ]

Anti Rape Light


soundsirenActivate ambulance siren sound and help

alerting Red flashing light


animated siren gif animated siren gif animated siren gif drudge reportUsing Solar and Crank Dynamo…………..

 DC Dynamo Cranking Solar energy Powered

Solar Panel inbuilt 23 *50 mm /40 mah

Built in NI-CD battery 300 mah-3.6Vol

Function: Full Charge to Support

                Lighting for 8 hours,

                Radio for 3 hours and

                Siren for one and half hour

Application Scan FM Radio

Blinking & Siren for emergency

Emergency charging for cell phone

Normal torch light

Output voltage and current DC 5.1 Vol / 250 ma

Material: high impact ABS casing

Net weight /size  284 gram/19.8*3 cm

Device 3

 coming_soon  laser

Self-defence Laser beam device

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