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We carry wide range. Contact us for details..

GPS Vehicle Tracking Device+ APPS at S$1980.00

      ( The GPS Device is a one time purchase)

The APPS comes with 2 years subscriptions. There after renew subscription

       for another 2 years at S$900.00

Sim card is needed for each GPS Device.And this can be purchased

      in your country Telecom operator- a lowest data plan of 90MB is enough.

This Device installation is easy, just connect it to the power supply in the car

       just like a normal radio CD player installation, normally installed hidden inside

       the dashboard of the vehicle.

So in all you need GPS Vehicle Tracking Device+ APPS + Sim card to function it.

Simple and Powerful as well as around the world can be used.

 iTrack lets you start tracking your vehicle fleet, co-worker, mobile workforce,

        sales staff and family members.

Suitable for company or any organization of any size.

Track your vehicle or assets 24/7 real-time with any device capable of web browsing!

       under your registered account.

Support Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Windows, Linux, Macintosh

        and much more!