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BRIEF SERVICES              

– Diagnose the problems you’re experiencing

– Reapair of PC, Mac, Laptop, Lcds,Pads and even change of damaged computer


– Remove spyware, malware and viruses

– Upgrade your security to prevent future attacks

– Fix your internet connection, firewall, or home network

– Resolve any software conflicts

– Make sure your peripherals are all connected and configured properly
  ( printers, PDAs, iPAD, iPhones, Blackberry, cameras and more)

– Clean any parts that may be causing trouble

– WIFI setup, Troubleshooting, Signal issues, Router And modem configuration

– Install new parts should you need them.

If your computer is in really rough shape, your can also send it to our  repair facility or we could collect from your premises for a complete overhaul, extending the life of your machine. We will advise you if it is worth or alternative solutions.

Other services

Data Recovery Services 

We will help to recover your data from your hard disk. Our hard disk data recovery services includes assisting you to recover your precious data and lost files from virus attacks, system crashes, accidental deletion, reformatting and even damaged partition tables. Read more..

Computer Malware Spyware Virus Removal 

Did the performance of your computer desktop or laptop slow down for no reason? Need help for computer virus removal? Or did an "anti virus" program pop up when windows is started and it informed you that your Pc had several virus and you have to pay to remove the spyware and virus? If yes, you have been Read more..

Computer Network Setup 

Do you often have computer network issues, such as limited or no connectivity, broken wireless signal, port forwarding problems, have problem hosting games, wireless home network problems, unsecured wireless network, unable to share files on network? Get more help here…

Computer Data Transfer 

Did you purchase a new PC and require help for pc to pc fiel transfer from your old laptop, desktop or mac? We provide computer data transfer services help you to transfer data from one computer to another We will assist you to transfer files between computers and related files over to your new PC. Read more..

Computer Hardware Upgrade and Transfer 

We assist you to upgrade your video cards and increase your memory size (memory upgrade), CPU upgrade and other PC related upgrades for your computer to enable it to run at a faster speed. Read more…

Monitor Display Problems 

Are you having monitor display problems? Is your PC giving you a monitor black screen even though you can hear your computer humming in the background? We fix monitor display problems such as read more…

Notebook Laptop Repair 

We solve laptop problems such as overheating, loud or noisy fan, cracked or broken hinges, LCD no images, laptop power issues. Other than providing laptop repair services, we do upgrades for your laptop. We provide laptop memory upgrade and hard disk upgrade. Read more…

Windows Installation and Repair Even Mac OS 

Does your windows have bootup problems and you are absolutely fed up? Is your computer taking ages to startup and run a program? The fastest and easiest way (not always the most recommended) to restore your Pc back to it's initial state. Read more..

Airport Extreme IMac Time Capsule and Network Setup 

Bought a new time capsule and had trouble setting it up? Other than PC Network setup, we assist you with and service, repair your Macbook Pro, Airport Extreme, IMac time capsule and network setup.

Urgent Late Night PC Repair Services In Singapore – On Site Visits islandWide [ Home, Office, Shipyard, Organizations etc.. ]

Computer breakdown in the middle of the night while doing your late night work and require emergency urgent pc repair onsite? Find S-Mall for urgent late night PC repair services in Singapore


Are you facing a system slowdown and is using Windows XP Home / Professional? Get help for SVCHOST.EXE WUAUCLT.EXE High CPU / Memory Usage. Solve the problem of svchost and wuault and speed up your PC by calling us for pc repair

Windows XP ,Windows 7, windows 8 Auto Logoff 

Windows  auto logoff problems? Have you tried to login even with administrator accounts and it will automatically log you off and failed to go to desktop? Contact us to help to solve your Windows  auto logoff issue today!

and more more other problems ….

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