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PioneerTech is the first and one and only in the world
to invent SOLAR-AIR-CON.
* No need to use any city power. 
* All DC current only.
* The panel wire connected to controller box. 
* The controller box connected to Unique round 
satallite battery.
* The battery connected to Panasonic Aircon. 
* The Panasonic aircon/compressor is wall mounted so
  just need to fix 2 bracket
  and slide the single split air-con to the 2 brackets.
* Can be used as aircon for hot days as well as heater
  during cooler or rainy days.
* It has auto cleaner inbuilt.
* Very simple to maintain and simple to fix it (DIY).
* First in the world to use 48 Volt battery.
* Battery max charge is about 8 hours.
* Total weight of one single complete set is about 120KG
  to 200 KG.
* The panel to be mounted on the roof top at 30 degree
  angle or wall mounted at 45 degree angle.
* 2years hardware warranty.
* Both model 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU usage
  upto 9 hours.
* Min available range is 9000 BTU or 1 horse power.
* The panel mono-crystalline components from NASA 17.4%
  efficency level.
* The actual measurement of the panel is the size of the
  normal door.
* At least 8 to 9 hours free flow of cool air con for one
  220 sq feet area.
* The height of the ceiling must not be too high as always
  the case for any aircon  
* Instruction to handle, fixure and screws etc.. all provided.
Following are features of our new 100% DC Solar Air Conditioner:
100% DC Solar wall-split Air Conditioner (Cooling + Heating)
1.  Cooling Capacity : 9000 BTU
2.  Heating Capacity :10,000 BTU  (for winter)
3.  Air Circulation :  450 M3/hr.
4.  Cooling Area:  appox. 15 M2
5.  Power Input:  DC 570  Watt
6.  Current Rated :  11.6 Amp.
7.  Voltage :  DC48 Volt
8.  Wind Direction: left – right, up – down & Auto function
9.  Automatic cleaning Function.
Main Function:
A.  PANASONIC of JAPAN brassless DC permanent 
     magnetic comprosser
B.  Full DC operation
C.  System power by Solar Generator System
D.  Innovative Logic control for energy saving
E.  For area shortage of Electricity Supply
F.  Provide "COMFORTABLE" 
    temperture enviroment of (18C – 31C)
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