Torch light


Code R4285


Model 1

Dc Dynamo Cranking and Solar Energy powered

Solar Panel 84.3mm    5.6v-120maH

Built-in-Lithium Polymer Battery ( LIR2450-3.6*120ma)

Charging Time:   Full Charge 20 minutes-Cranking   

                           3 hours Sun Light

Functions:           Full Charge Support

                            Lighting – 3 hours

                            Radio     – 2 hours

Applications:       Auto-Scan FM Radio

                          4 pcs ultra bright LED torch light

                          Emergency blinking light & Siren

                          Cell-Phone Charging

Out Put Voltage and current: DC 5.6V     300ma

Material: High impact ABS casing

Net weight/size: 143 gram / 16.4*5.6cm   

Model 2

Multi function Solar Light

 DSC01913 DSC01911

2pcs of 9V * 1.7W solar panel

Led Osram bulb-100 Lumins

6watt 4.5AH sealed battery

Solar charging time 8 hours

Operation 10 hours for strong Light bright


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