Solar Street Lights


 firstpdf-download-brochure1-logo    Solar Street Lights                                                             

                  Solar Street Light with motion and sound auto Sensor inbuilt 

               Integrated design only 30 kg( panel+Lithium battery+sensor+Led lights+

               frame+micro processor controller) and no wiring needed

                   Can be mounted on anything even bamboo pole or even on wall

                   Auto motion and sound sensor device inbuilt to ensure street lights ON for full

                    Power within 60 seconds of motion and or sound detected.

                  When no motion and or sound around then DIM the street lights to reduce

                    the brightness for power saving. 

                    Available Models single 60 watt, 80 watt, and 100 watt 

                  Lighting Time for Full power is 10 hours. 

                  But for under Power saving mode is 20 hours

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